Export your site settings easily using the Admin Presets plugin #MoodlePlugins


If you are a site administrators who has to manage multiple Moodle sites like Development, Production or other instances with almost similar settings, then you might have observed a lot of pain in configuring the same settings again and again.
David Monllaó, Senior analyst developer at Moodle HQ is maintaining the Admin Presets block plugin which is a very useful plugin through which you can export all the site settings into .xml files which can be later imported to other Moodle sites.
Export your site settings easily using the Admin Presets plugin #MoodlePlugins The plugin allows the users with the site configuration capability to export the site settings to .xml presets, import other sites .xml presets, load (totally or partially) presets settings and rollback the applied changes if necessary.
Some salient features of the admin presets plugin are as follows:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Export system settings to XML files
  • Import presets files
  • Preset preview and partial load
  • Rollback applied changes
  • Option to auto-exclude the sensitive data (like passwords) when exporting settings
  • Editable sensitive setting list
  • Third parties plugins supported

Grab your copy of the Admin Presets block from Moodle plugins database here and skip the pain of configuration every time a new Moodle project comes up for you.
Have you ever used this plugin? How’s your experience with it? What are the other ways to copy your configuration settings in multiple Moodle sites? Share your creative ideas in the comments section below.

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