Experiment With ForumQ2A To Foster An Ongoing Flow Of Views In Your Moodle

Contributing moodler Leyun Xia has developed a Q&A forum plugin for Moodle. It adapts Question2Answer, a format of sparking feedback among peers where communities collaborate around topics or problems. If you know the dynamic of sites such as Stack Exchange, Question2Answer will look familiar.

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Question2Answer is an open source platform with many benefits in websites beyond Moodle. Read more about it here.

With ForumQ2A, students have a place to ask questions. They can vote questions up if they think is a good one or if they have it themselves, which cuts down redundancies. They can vote down in the opposite case. Students themselves can answer the questions and rate answers according to their validity. Teachers are also participants, plus they has moderation abilities.

Please take note that this is an experimental plugin. According to its Moodle plugin directory page, it only has been tested with “old PHP\MySQL drivers”. It most definitely will not work if the database engine on your Moodle is not MySQL. Xia promises to bring the plugin up to code in the next update.

Xia maintains ForumQ2A as a member of Cyberlearn, the Moodle site at the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland, Délemont.

Check out the GitHub repo for ForumQ2A here.

Visit the Moodle directory page for ForumQ2A here.

How do you encourage ongoing contributions from your students, online or off? Tell us in the comments below!

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