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Back in January, a number of Moodlers came together to help fund the update of the Essential Theme – the most popular Moodle theme out there. Gareth Barnard has executed on his promise and announced that Essential is now available for Moodle 2.9 and 3.0.

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For those of you who are already savvy, here are the download links:

In the announcement, Gareth noted a number of fixes and improvements that include:

  • Cleaning up the Coursebox
  • Fixing the hover over the primary button
  • Added in bootstrap styling for buttons
  • Corrected TravisCI issues
  • Ensuring that custom font face declarations are sent to the editor
  • And… the most important… the addition of a new Style Guide settings page!

The Style Guide was adapted from the documentation for Bootstrap V2.3.2 in order to quickly and easily show how the Bootstrap framework is used within Moodle and Essential styles. The guide allows you to see the effects of any changes you make – for instance changing fonts or colors.

Gareth noted the following for developers to minimize support calls that he receives:

You may find an ‘oddity’ with the form buttons, this comes from the Moodle LESS and is currently intentional. Thus, before raising an issue on Essential, please check that the same thing is not happening in the ‘Clean’ theme too. The setting page will show in ‘Clean’ when that theme is selected as your theme as long as Essential is installed, just navigate to ‘Site administration -> Appearance -> Themes -> Essential -> Style guide’.

Gareth also provided a snapshot of what the Style guide looks like in Moodle:

essential theme moodle style guide

Here are those links again for downloading:

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Do you use the Essential theme in your Moodle? Tell us about your favorite parts of the 2.9 and 3.0 updates in the comments below!

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