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Keeping tabs on your users can be tricky business and we are seeing a lot of great things happening in analytics these days to help identify at-risk learners, understand what is most useful about courses and identify bottlenecks to course completion. However, the online nature of Moodle (and other LMS) still leaves instructors that are not physically present with their students dependent upon users to self disclose about who they are. While this can be done in a number of ways, the default repository of user-specific information remains the user profile.

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Getting a user to complete his or her profile could be a full time job, if you let it. While I don’t have data, I would venture a bet that, for the most part, instructors simply let it go and are happy with whatever information they get (if any). Mathias Chouet from the MOOC Tela Botanica wasn’t satisfied with this approach and has recently published the Complete Your Profile Block as a solution.

This block prompts users to fill in incomplete profile sections on a period basis while they are logged into Moodle. Once the profile is complete (or all of the required information is completed) the block disappears.

Check out the Complete Your Profile Block for Moodle here.

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How do you encourage your students to provide complete profiles in Moodle? Tell us in the comments below!

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