Embracing The Pokémon Go Fever Before It Dissipates

As the craze tempers, Suzan Harkness, higher education administrator and associate professor at UDC, gives some advice on the ways the mobile hit could be a tool in the belt of campus managers, staff managers and students advisors.

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The most downloaded game in mobile history amassed over 500 million downloads at its peak, creating marketing and entrepreneurial opportunities around the world. Harkness believes campuses should not abstain from the party, even if users are disengaging also in record numbers.

Harkness’ career is concerned with retention and engagement. She mentions the history of popular technology trends that caught on across campuses nationwide, like “Second Life, podcasting, RSS feeds, SIM City“. In this case, augmented reality seems to add a level of community engagement that places campuses in focus.

There are five suggestions about how to harness the Pokémon Go capabilities for the purpose of education:

  1. Campus introductions. Organizations can create markers where students can go fetch. Kind of like a modern-day scavenger hunt.
  2. Registration events. While they wait in line they can play with their app.
  3. Encourage health. For many students the app is giving them the biggest workout of their lives.
  4. Create open events. People from outside can come to your campus to fill up their poke-shelves and pick up some brochures.
  5. More exposition. Whether you want to promote location, services or products, Harkness believes Pokémon is a gateway to all a campus has to offer. She ends up enthusiastically about the upcoming features developer Niantic can add to the experience.

Improvement of the app and global availability of the game might help rekindle the love for catching pokémon. Read the full post by Harkness here.

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