Edu Labs To Increase Latin American Moodle Stronghold, Becomes First Colombian Certified Partner
Moodle recently announced that, with five years of providing high quality Moodle services, and having one of the largest Moodle communities worldwide, it was high time Colombia had a local Certified Partner.
Edu Labs joins Moodlerooms as a Certified Moodle Partner in Colombia. Its name already enjoyed recognition in the Moodleverse and in the Latin American learning community. Edu Labs works with schools, universities, businesses, NGOs and the government. Organizations sourcing Moodle through Edu Labs are United Nations, USAID, and the National ICT Ministry, among others. The National University, the country’s largest and top public academic institution, is one of their higher education clients.
Colombia has made several efforts to improve access to high quality education across all levels over the past year. There is still a steep road ahead. Moodle support would improve Edu Labs’ ability to reach into the corners of urban and rural education of this overwhelmingly diverse nation. Today Colombia is among the top 10 Moodle user bases and in the Spanish-speaking top three, alongside Spain and Mexico.
Edu Labs joins engineers, designers and psychologist with learning management professionals, to offer virtual education solutions. Their life cycle portfolio includes hosting, customization, training and development.
Edu Labs will be offering the first Colombian MCCC (Moodle Course Creator Certificate), coming up February, 2017. MCCC is the only program certified by Moodle.
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