Moodle welcomes Edu Labs as the latest Moodle partner from Colombia and extending its reach in the Southern America. Edu Labs, established in 2011, is the second Moodle partner from Colombia after MoodleRooms.
Edu Labs is providing comprehensive Moodle services to Government, Corporates institutions and health care institutes since last 5 years. Now, Edu Labs will provide certified Moodle services and assist education institutions – such as schools, universities, colleges – and businesses to develop and use a world class learning management system.
Edu Labs is the latest Moodle Partner from Colombia #Moodlepartners
In a recent announcement, Moodle HQ announced the addition of Edu Labs into the Moodle Certified Services Partners network making it 85 in 48 countries worldwide.
Juan Gabriel Sáenz, co-founder and CEO of Edu Labs, said:

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“The partnership between Moodle and Edu Labs is a great opportunity for improvement and growth in the virtual education sector in Colombia.”

Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, reiterated the importance of this new partnership.

“Universities, schools and companies that use, or want to use, Moodle can be confident that they will be the main beneficiaries of this strategic alliance.
Edu Labs’ obvious passion for making education accessible means that we can work together to continue providing support for existing and new Moodlers in Colombia, We’re very excited to welcome Edu Labs as our second Colombian Moodle Partner.”

Read the full announcement here. For more information about the Edu Labs and their offerings, please check out their website here –
Check out the Moodle Certified services provider in your country here –

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