Dynamic Mathematics In Moodle With Geogebra Plugin Family

I can pinpoint the moment physics became a source of fascination to me. I was in middle school when I found out the idea that rest is not the natural state of matter. Even if I did not understand all the math throughout, it made me aware that there are laws of nature. They rule us, we innovate through them, and we keep unveiling them with the help of theory and research. Today, I believe access to experimentation tools are more powerful and will have a larger impact in the acquisition of STEM skills than traditional equation or static visualization activities.

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GeoGebra makes math tangible, and can do it in Moodle. It strives to link geometry and algebra concepts, so “students can finally see, touch and experience math“. It includes spreadsheets, statistics and calculus in a easy-to-use interface to create and edit GeoGebra books and worksheets. If I were more paranoid I would think GeoGebra much brighter minds browsed through mine.

The GeoGebra plugin family, supporting Moodle 2.7 and above, includes three plugins:

  • GeoGebra, a question type. Students can solve and check answers that instructors set up from the interface.
  • GeoGebra Submissions, which allows teacher to embed an interface to load or create materials.
  • Geogebra Materials allows them on file picker. It is required for the other two to work.

GeoGebra also hosts a “Featured Materials” repository, from which teachers can source puzzles and interactive lessons to implement in Moodle.

See more at GeoGebra.org to find out more, get involved and download their apps.

See the GeoGebra plugin family at the Moodle Directory. There is also a GeoGebra repository in GitHub.


Tell us: how do you take advantage of dynamic mathematics to improve engagement?


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