A case study for the evolution of cloud storage services for individuals could be Dropbox. What in 2007 began as a folder that would seamlessly synchronize online, became a necessity for tons students and professionals. Its “invite for space” campaign is credited as one of the most effective viral campaigns by a startup in recent memory.

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10 years later, Dropbox accounts for 500 million users, rivaling Twitter and Instagram and well beyond Tumblr or LinkedIn. It successfully staved off competition from behemoths Google and Microsoft, the latter opting to incorporate it rather than trying to killing it off with its arguably inferior offering. Dropbox peaked at a USD 10 Billion valuation, following tepid results in the enterprise and a fair share of failure in new app ventures. Its latest partnership with LMS Blackboard Learn reflects the new battles Dropbox is willing to fight to stay relevant in the marketplace.

This announcement follows their recent launch of Dropbox for Education, a USD 49 per year offering adding dedicated features such as compliance support, supervision capabilities and expanded version history.

Blackboard Learn will allow submission of documents as assignments. Comments and document version history features will remain available within the LMS.

It remains to be seen whether these partnerships will restore confidence in Dropbox as a solid company with room for growth. Talk about going public still continues, with its dominant share in individual cloud storage market and broadly recognized user experience to show for. This despite a recent data breach, followed by a return to frugality and reduced perks for employees.


Would Dropbox move help him stay relevant in the learning ecosystem? Make your case in the comments!



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