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The Moodle Cloud service was introduce by Moodle HQ just over one and a half years ago as a way to support smaller scale users of Moodle. The service is completely free (unless you want to turn off advertising, and recently Martian Dougiamas announced new tiered pricing at the #MootIEUK16) and is a fantastic way to do everything from get your first Moodle up and running, to hosting a small course or just experimenting with the platform.

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You can learn all the details about Moodle Cloud here.

The service was designed with the non-tech portion of the Moodle community in mind. It is literally a “sign up and go” service with everything you need to run courses. As such, users of Moodle Cloud can’t integrate all of the plugins and customizations they may want, but that’s not really the point.

While the system, in theory, should run flawlessly, as we all know in the world of technology, every now and then a ghost in the machine appears and things either don’t work the way you think they will, or just not at all. While we haven’t heard of any major hiccups related to Moodle Cloud, there may be bugs in the system no one has discovered yet.

If you are a Moodle Cloud user and you do encounter a bug, Moodle has created a specific place for you to report them so they can get fix. This is the website:

As you’ll find out when you visit the bug tracker page, this is NOT a place to ask for support with Moodle Cloud. Hopefully, your Cloud experience will be bug free, but if by chance you happen upon something that needs to be fixed, let Moodle HQ know!

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Are you a Moodle Cloud user? Tell us about your experience (positive and negative) in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Stephen, we only learned about this from a source based on Martin’s keynote at #mootieuk16. We don’t have further information yet, but will post as soon as we do!


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