Display enrolled courses in beautiful manner using Custom Course Menu plugin #MoodlePlugins


Custom Course Menu is a new plugin for Moodle which allows you to add a block which displays the enrolled courses to students in a highly customizable manner depending upon your course requirements.

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The block is highly configurable and can be adjusted to display a lot of features to both teachers and students like:

  • Simple install
  • Intuitive controls
  • Manually hide courses or categories from the list
  • Customize sort order of courses and categories
  • Expand/collapse course categories
  • Favorites “category”
  • Last # viewed courses “category”
  • Site administrators get an All courses… link

When I tested the block on my Moodle 3.1 development server, the block worked like a charm and working as mentioned in the plugin installation.


To install the plugin, simply extract the contents into the Your-Moodle-Site/blocks directory or install it through the plugins installation interface of your Moodle site. The installation process is very simple and completed in less than 2 mins.

Intended Usage:

The intended use of the block is simple enough to display the enrolled courses to students and teachers according to their choice. They can add courses to Favorite list, Show/Hide courses and course categories in the list and customize the order of the display.

Ease of use:

The plugin provides a very easy interface and is very simple to use even by the students.


The plugin is not having any documentation page as of now however the instructions are mentioned clearly in the plugin description page.

Does it serves its purpose:

Definitely the plugin serves the intended purpose.


You can download the Custom Course Menu from the Moodle plugins database through this link.


I will give this plugin 4.5 stars out of 5 only with the deduction only because of separate documentation page missing. Otherwise it deserves the 5 out of 5.
Custom Course Menu Rating
What is your opinion about the Custom Course Menu plugin? Do share with us in the comments below. If you also like this plugin, say thanks to the plugin maintainer Tony Box.

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