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Terri Ann Bennett (Photo by Alex Holt)

The beautifully intricate structure that makes out of a computer the bridge between matter and information will always have an element of mystery. But there is one fact you can rely on: at every layer of the structure, there is human work to thank.

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And the structure keeps growing. When we talk about Saas (Software as a Service), in four letters we are encompassing specific layers of interaction between machine and human. And in the learning technology of today, at least as envisioned on a Moodlerooms post, we are encouraged to talk about the interactions between the learning machine and the learning human.

Christina Gómez Echavarría, contributor to Moodlerooms’ E-Learning Magazine, reports on the humans supporting Moodlerooms, in this case the ones facing the customer base. She spoke to Client Engagement Director Terri Ann Bennet.

Bennet is the mind behind the service tiers that cater to organizations with different levels of Moodle integration. From small, Moodle-literate organizations that require little assistance, to enterprise solutions with face-to-face implementation.

Bennet has also design a model of engagement in which customers will know the people who will be part of delivering the solution. Each customer has, by name, an “Engagement Manager”, and a “Configuration Consultant”, to deal with support and technical issues respectively. Tickets are handled by tiered teams, guaranteeing 24/7 support and standards of quality.

While new technologies built upon existing layers of technology and automation continue to define the future of learning and innovation, the companionship and service that comes with a human face will remain in corporate learning procurement, perhaps even to keep on thriving. This is something Moodlerooms lives by.

Read the full article by Moodlerooms here. It explains more of the tiers, the roles and the engagement process put in place by Bennet.

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