The beginning of Jill Lyall assignment at ANU Online‘s Moodle felt like someone had dropped her into a wealthy library. Except that there were no stands or isles, but piles of books as far as she could see. The prospect of a learning experience where finding the right content takes longer than the studying itself would never bode well for her.

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«Course sites were functional, but not very nice to look at and a little bit pretty hard to navigate.»

Fortunately, ANU Online was aware of the matter. They gave Lyall critical powers over team management and organization. She had the opportunity to develop a vision and a roadmap for her Educational Design Team at ANU.

But this would only mark the beginning of her intervention supporting academics. Constant consultation with all possible stakeholders not only shed light on how they perceive ANU Online. Lyall took it as an opportunity to engage them. To a point, to awake the inner designer within all faculty. To change student’s reported view of ANU as “administrative” instead of “a learning tool“.

Lyall found many variations in comparison with previous missions. For starters, how ANU Online was a medical training hub. Online learners need information that is quick to access and retain. Imperative mobile access was a soon realization. The platform should allow fast update to keep up with current medical knowledge.

In her video, Lyall shares first-hand account of the development of a strategy, and an implementation of changes where communication was instrumental.

Slides for Lyall’s talk are available here (PPTX).

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  1. Just would like to clarify that I did not have a management role in this project, I was just a member of the team. In my presentation I was representing the whole team, not just my own experience


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