Design Prowess & Moodle Theme 'Essential' Updated

Could a Moodle Theme join the annals of iconic design? Gareth Barnard has released an update to the “Essential” theme, compatible with Moodle up to 3.1. The theme is one of the most revered themes and plugins, boasting perfect scores in usability and performance. Sort the newly designed Moodle Plugins home page by number of fans, sites or downloads, to see what I’m talking about. “Essential” is one of the few plugins belonging to the 10k Sites-Using-It Club.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

New features in the October update include ‘top-block regions’ and dotted lines to signal drag-and-drop areas. Fixes include no more missing profile pictures, functional 2-column layout, no links are hidden under fixed navbar, dropdown menu scrolling, table elements enabled, and more.

For the few who may not know what makes “Essential” so, let’s quickly recap:

  • Obsessive use of fonts instead of graphics for faster loading times.
  • Full customization of elements, including the front page slider.
  • Pushing Boostrap Grids to levels that shouldn’t even be possible.
  • Blocks can added to page footers.
  • Dynamic social media icons.
  • Colors! Among many visual settings available, with the ability to change them via CSS edit box on the settings panel.

We can only imagine what Barnard is preparing for us once the Moodle 3.2 revolution comes.

Follow our Essential coverage.

Find out more, download an install “Essential” by visiting the official Moodle Directory page. Find out more instructions at its GitHub page.

The “Essential” theme also has a Moodle Documentation page.


What is your favorite Moodle theme in history? Answer in the comments!


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