Creating a very successful Moodle quiz – Presentation by David Grant #MootAU16


Moodle Quiz engine is a very powerful quiz engine which can be used to do all sorts of online quizzes. But it’s great if you can extend the quiz capabilities to do more awesome things. During the recently concluded MoodleMoot Australia 2016, David Grant from University of Southern Queensland shared his work with finding the workarounds to overcome the limitations imposed by the Moodle questions types.
The quiz created for teaching the electrical engineering students about the basics of Digital electronics. The similar kind of quiz can be applied to other disciplines like Engineering, Economics, Mathematics and Sciences.
The awesome workaround found by David and team to build some extra options into the question body of a calculated question, by using a series of wildcards and then introducing multiple formulae just in case there is more than one answer. You should watch the presentation to appreciate the efforts put by the team in getting those workarounds working perfectly for them.
You can watch the video recording of the presentation below:

The presentation is a good walk through of how Moodle quiz can be extended to support complex electrical questions and scenarios. The other important tip for all the Moodle teachers in this presentation is how to integrate spreadsheet formulas into quiz and use a variety of different formats to extend this functionality even further.
How you have extended the capabilities of Moodle quiz engine to match your requirements? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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