Creating an autoplay slideshow with Generico filter #moodletips


Generico filter is an awesome piece of code contribution by Moodle community member – Justin Hunt, to showcase the power of features extension through usage of Moodle plugins. Generico is like a Swiss army knife which can be used for  templates for all sort of code and text snippets and use in Moodle text areas.
Generico filter has evolved into a multi functional filter over a a period of time and there is a dedicated showcase for it to share what can be created with Generico filter. Recently, Justin Hunt – Main developer and the brain behind Generico, has shared a small handy guide to use Generico filter to create an autoplay slideshow.
The tutorial shared by Justin is based on jQuery snippets tutorial from CSS-Tricks website here. You can download the generico template bundles for the example from this and this link. To use the bundles, drag each over the green bundle box on an empty template to fill in the fields (as in the screenshot below). Then save the template.

Create an autoplay slideshow with Generico filter #moodletips
Assignment countdown created through Generico filter

You can download the latest version of Generico from the Moodle plugins database here. If you would like to see the filter in action, then head straight to the demo website here and test it out yourself in Generico demo course. Check out the original guide written by Justin Hunt here.
Have you used the generico filter for Moodle in your course? How you are using Generico in your Moodle course? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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