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Has any of your students ever thought about running away and leaving it all behind? Depending on their “social clock” they might even harbor the chance there is magic out there. As a teacher, your job may not have to ruin their fantasies, but perhaps only giving them a space to consider the full extent of irreversible consequences. This meanwhile they familiarize with English topics and the culture that surrounds the Great Lakes.

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Sari Miller has shared a Tuck Everlasting “Book Club” fitted into a Moodle course for American Literature. If you are looking for a friendly opening to know more about your students wishes and views in life, Tuck gives you the perfect roundup. Despite its classification as a children novel, it spawns questions about immortality and love that I, a grown man, have yet to answer conclusively. Would eternity be a blessing or a curse? Will it make more or less human? If it ever becomes a possibility with no backsies, should I choose to become immortal?

The Tuck Everlasting Moodle book club gives you an outline for discussing the book, its themes and literary elements. It contains questions, topics for forum discussions, quizzes and supporting resources. It is organized by chapters, which a class can follow weekly or in the scheme of your choosing.

The course is available to download from the official Moodle Hub OER database, as an MBZ file. MBZ is just another compressed ZIP file. You can change the .mbz extension for .zip and look at their contents. To instantiate it in Moodle, create a blank course and upload it as a course restore.

At the end of the 140-page reading, reward the classroom with the gorgeous Alexis Bledel as Winnie in the film adaptation. For a theme party, bring flapjacks, bacon and applesauce.

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Do you have any fond memories about Tuck Everlasting?

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