Could Moodle Replace A Company's Intranet?

The provocative question comes from Paradiso solutions. In a recent webinar, they explain how they believe drivers of training initiatives could have a more prominent role in the enterprise planning and other management software.

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Paradiso laments that nowadays intranet is being used merely to “distribute information to each individual”. At the same time, drivers struggle to find times in workers’ schedules. But through and LMS (Learning Management System), not only all the functions of a company’s intranet are fulfilled, but a learning layer is added to promote skill acquisition and collective innovation.

It is an imperative to reorient the role of intranets in organizations. They are often “dumping grounds”. Paradiso declares it is time for intranets to evolve.

Technology is in perpetual motion. Mobile and apps are becoming a part of the daily lives of professionals, and it’s happening outside of work. While they have access to the latest technology on their smartphones, intranets take long to update. This is damaging intranets’ reputation.

Modern LMS have moved faster compared to intranets. The technological demands made them social, integrable, highly customizable and even gamifiable. With a SaaS (software as a service) model on the cloud, an LMS provider can even handle maintenance and upgrade activities, for more and more hassle-free solutions.

As a result, LMS are highly interactive collaboration portals that have taken advantage of the cloud to make support easier at increasingly lower costs. Intranets, not so much.

And Paradiso believes it can provide the solutions your organization needs to turn an LMS, not only into your intranet, but a “Swiss Army Knife”.

Read Paradiso’s full thoughts on this topic here.

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