Vidya Mantra – The latest Moodle Partner from India and US, has brought another brand new service named – Congrea which is the new age virtual classroom. Last week we covered the Mobile App builder service which lets you create your own branded mobile app automatically without much technical fuss.
This week Vidya Mantra, also a sponsor of MoodleMoot US 2016 came up with their brand new product – Congrea which is a Javascript based front end application and node.js based backend server available under GPL license .
According to the description –
“Congrea is an open source web-based real-time learning application. it is a power-full tool for educators who want to give their student an engaging learning experience.”
The service consists of a lot of innovative features like:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Collaborative Editor
  • Whiteboard
  • Youtube Sharing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording & Playback
  • Private & Group Chat
  • Moodle Integrated

The new age virtual classroom by Vidya Mantra - CongreaCurrently the service is under functional stage but may contain bugs so it is not recommended to use on Production servers. However, acc. to Vidya Mantra – “If you participate and report bugs, not only you will make Congrea better but you will also get one year free subscription when we reach production quality.
The service is currently offered as Cloud service or if you want to host it on your own server, you can opt for the Commercial support package. To check out the trial version of Congrea and Moodle integration, please checkout this link.
So far I had not tested the service in depth, but I will keep you updated over the progress in upcoming posts.For more details about Congrea, check out the official website here –
PS: Vidya Mantra is a proud sponsor of MoodleWorld.

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