Gareth J Barnard, the superman who is maintaining a lot of popular plugin for Moodle like Essential, ShoeHorn, Shoelace & Collapsed Topics course formats has come up with a crisply written book of 40 pages for the popular Collapsed Topics Course format.
The Complete Guide to Collapsed Topics by Gareth J Barnard
The book titled “The Complete Guide to Collapsed Topics” by Gareth J Barnard is available through this link. The book covers all aspects of the collapsed topics course format like installation, uninstallation, upgrading, course features, overriding icons in your Moodle theme.
The book is related for Collapsed topics for Moodle 2.7 onwards. So if you are a novice educator playing with Moodle then this book can give you a complete guide for layout of your course.
The book is available as a paid book for £7.00 in soft cover and £12.00 in Hardcover format. Click here to purchase your copy of the book now.

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