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Recently, in the forums, Gareth Barnard announced a substantial update to the Essential Theme for Moodle 2.9 and 3.0. There are a good deal of both new features and fixes for both versions.

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Gareth provided highlights to the update as follows:

  • He’s done a good deal of work making the header look better. This includes a much bigger profile image when you’re at the top of the page and the navbar is below the logo or social icon area.
  • He’s also put a dotted line in-between the social icons so that they don’t look like they’re smashed together.
  • The style guide (a cool new feature added in the last update) can now be accessed without logging on at yoursite/theme/essential/pages/styleguide.php.
  • He’s implemented a number of fixes to fonts and colors for better accessibility.
  • He’s given the logo a width setting so that it is more customizable.
  • He’s made it so that the footer moves to the bottom (and actually a bit further) where the content on the page would leave space below the footer.

If you’d like to geek out on the laundry list of fixes Gareth’s included in these updates, check them out in the forum here.

You can get the updated 3.0 version here:

You can get the updated 2.9 version here:

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