Check Out The New Editing Features For The Upcoming Moodlerooms 2.9 Release Of The Snap Theme

Snap MoodleRooms Theme

Jason Hardin has published a video demonstrating the new editing functionality for the upcoming Moodlerooms 2.9 release of the Snap Theme and, I’ve got to admit, it looks awesome. Check out the video here or just watch it below:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Right out of the gate, the editing interface is integrated into the theme so that you don’t have to click a specific “edit” functionality to start making changes if you’re logged in as an instructor. They’ve done this to allow instructors to make changes on the fly, whenever necessary, rather than needing to choose between teaching, editing and grading.

The editing capabilities are visible as soon as you log in and include:

  • Create new sections
  • Edit topics
  • Edit, hide, update and delete activities and resources
  • Create new activities and resource
  • Drag and drop files to the course, and
  • Browse and include files from your device.

The new 2.9 version has rethought the use of drag and drop to move things around on the screen. In the new release, to move items, you first select them and then click where you want them to go. Seems very similar to drag and drop, but actually makes it a bit faster and, the best part, allows you to select multiple items/sections to move at the same time.

Here is the killer part of the update: all of this functionality is available on your mobile device. As a part of the demonstration, Jason shows how this works on a tablet. Super simple and I can see how useful this would be for an instructor needing to make changes on the fly, between classes, create content and more.

Do you currently use the Snap Theme from Moodlerooms? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!