Attend CLAMP Event On Moodle Accessibility, Stay Tuned For July 27

Since its inception, Moodle has been welcoming to all kinds of contributions from users. An important part of the contributions have come from people with disabilities. Since its earliest development, Moodle has worked to allow the best access possible to this community. Several accessibility initiatives take place around Moodle, including accessibility coding guidelines and many plugins.

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CLAMP, or the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project, is one of the many groups involved in promoting accessibility in Moodle. Last June they celebrated their Hack/Doc Fest, in which accessibility issues were discussed at large. The conference was also the opportunity to showcase their accessible option for the Grid Course Format plugin.

Now, CLAMP is inviting anyone interest to their upcoming “brown bag lunch“. Next Tuesday, July 26, from noon till 1pm, CLAMP will showcase their work involving accessibility.

CLAMP is an assortment of colleges and universities who contribute to Moodle support and development. At the same time they work on Moodle to promote liberal arts education and discussion around liberal arts issues. They also offer development and training spaces and events, such as workshops.

Institutions interested to join can get started here.

You can request access to CLAMP tools here. They include among other things a Moodle exchange and a Slack group.

Check CLAMP’s GitHub repo here.

More details about the agenda and sign-up will be available later this month.

Tell us your stories involving the Moodle community and accessibility issues!

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