Can This Plugin Replace Surveys And Questionnaires In Your Moodle?

French developer Danielle Cordella has taken it upon himself to give “answers to the more frequent requirements of end users“, seemingly about the features desired in the Moodle Survey and Questionnaire activities.

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He has created Surveypro, which merges and expands on both activities with custom question types, validation, mandatory questions, conditional branching, backup and exporting, among the most notable additions. They bear some resemblance to the latest features availables by activity competitor Google Forms.

Surveypro, Cordella argues, caters to the “need to perform a very closed validated data collection to gather customized data“. He claims it to be 21-plugins-in-1, including 17 response fields and 4 complimentary formats.

Surveypro templates are available, made with HTML statement enhancer mustache. They likely require a weekend to figure them out.

As to Cordella’s ambition of whether Surveypro can complete the replacement in the core, there is no word from Moodle HQ or a forum discussion.

Surveypro has not been approved on the official Moodle Plugin Directory, only via GitHub. As of a month ago it was worked on by three contributors.


Share with us your opinion on Surveypro. Is it better than the activities it seeks to replace? Is it worth the effort?


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