Can Moodle Mobile Assignments Enhance Context-Relevant Learning?

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A manufacturing plant is looking to train their staff on a new security compliance charter. A college wants to address concerns from their alumni about job-seeking and interviewing skills. Students with long commutes want to take advantage of their idle time in the benefit of future opportunities.

With the latest upgrade in Moodle Mobile, allowing homework submissions from phones or tablets, solutions to these problems get easier to deploy. Moodle Mobile 3.1.2, lets students and teachers work without the need of a desktop computer, a classroom or a common schedule.

The learning industry is only beginning to embrace the concept of “ubiquitous learning” to reach this untapped market. Many potential learners are mobile-first internet users, often without access to desktop computers.

Research from the developing world, as well as top research centers, recognize the impact of “m-learning”. One of the most telling illustrations is the impact mobile devices have shown on reducing youth employment. They complement workforce training and close the skills gap between young workers and the needs of the market, researchers argue.

Shorter assignments, to assess smaller, localized objectives, can help decrease the time span between theory and practice, and increase feedback. Mobile devices can also increase the availability of information in the appropriate physical context, which is a proven key in long-term retention. Teachers themselves can also access Moodle on the go, to review and grade student submissions.

For more on Moodle Mobile Assignments, visit the official documentation. A full list of the release information on Mobile 3.1.2 is available at

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