Bulk Customize Moodle Admin Settings With This Plugin

Customize Moodle Admin Settings In Bulk With This Plugin

Admin Presets is a plugin that creates an XML file that collects all the settings of a Moodle administrator. The values in the XML file can then serve as presets for other Moodle installations and administrative roles. It saves the time and hassle of customizing a Moodle admin panel manually.

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Besides the saving, exporting and importing presets capabilities, other useful features of the plugin are:

  • Partial, or selective, partial loading of presets.
  • Rollback of applied changes.
  • Ability to exclude sensitive data in the exporting to XML file.
  • Ability to include admin settings for third party plugins, where compatible.
    (Those plugins must use standard Moodle admin_setting object classes in their code to ensure it.)

The latest build extends compatibility to Moodle 3.1. Find compatible builds to previous Moodle in the versions tab of the directory page.

Admin Presets is Spanish Integrator and Analsyt Developer at Moodle HQ David Monllaó’s creation.

Visit the plugin page for the Admin Presets Block to download and install.

Look also at the GitHub repo, to see the code and make suggestions.


How do you manage with several Moodle admin panels? Share your productivity tips with us and other commenters.

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