Building Fire with Moodle – MoodleMoot Australia 2016 Keynote presentation by Martin Dougiamas #MootAU16


Building Campfire is an essential ingredient of any camping trip where you have to start first with kindling (start small) and add some bigger pieces of wood to it followed by putting in a bit more oxygen and pumping up the fuel until it turns in a big fire and get a life of its own. Afterwards, it’s hard to stop the fire when its get going on its own.
In online teaching environment, First you create the framework  of your online course (kindling) with some basic stuff and resources. When you get people in it you start throwing other activities like discussions, getting people engaged in assessments (adding some bigger pieces of wood). When students starts reacting to the others through feedback loops, then the fire gets going on its own. It has attained its own life similar to a Moodle course. Similarly, the fire created by Moodle in 2002 is now uncontrollable and it is increasing at a great pace.
Martin Dougiamas – CEO and Founder of Moodle, delivered his awesome keynote presentation in the recently concluded over the topic “Building Fires”. The keynote session is a must watch for all aspiring Moodlers who would like to know about the history, present status and future of the Moodle fire.
The keynote session video is made available now by Moodle HQ team and you can watch it below or check it here:

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Building Fires with Moodle - MoodleMoot Australia 2016 Keynote presentation by Martin Dougiamas #MootAU16Key Takeaways:

My key takeaways from the Martin’s keynote speech are:

  • “Moodle is driven by a Mission and not by Money,”
  • Moodle is a true open source project,
  • Brazil – the country where 90% of the total online education is delivered through Moodle only,
  • Moodle is a learning platform which provides the most flexible toolset, can scale to any size needed, allows anyone to contribute to global education.
  • Moodle lets you focus on bigger problems,
  • Moodle is a core learning platform

Martin also puts some light over the MoodleCloud (the free Moodle hosting by Moodle HQ) progress, Moodle HQ updates, upcoming features in Moodle 3.2, Future vision for Moodle, Moodle mobile updates, Moodle community, Moodle Users Association, Moodle plugins stats etc.
Finally, the concluding points mentioned by Martin to build a fire in your online learning course are:

  • First plan the Learning experiences you want participants to have,
  • Then find and use the appropriate tools to provide those experiences,
  • Build feedback loops everywhere.

Have you attended the Martin’s keynote speech during the MoodleMoot Australia 2016? What are your key takeaways from the speech? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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