Blackboard launched the new generation predictive analysis solution – “Blackboard Predict”, which provides educators with the timely information they need to help students complete college at a higher rate, more quickly, and at a lower cost.
In a recent announcement,  BB team announced the release of BlackBoard Predict which can be used to identify at-risk students, and intervene before they go off track. It uses data from your existing student information and learning management systems to build a predictive model that provides clear, actionable early alerts to faculty and advisors.

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What is BlackBoard Predict:

Acc. to this blog post by Timothy Harfield:
In a nut shell, Blackboard Predict consists of:

  1. a custom predictive model that makes use of an institution’s existing data to identify students at risk;
  2. engaging visualizations that help to drive action on the part of students, faculty, and advisors; and
  3. a communication tool that enables faculty to easily pass early alerts along to professional academic counsellors in support of proactive and intensive advising practices.

How you are using the big data to promote student success in your learning environment? What are the other predictive analysis tools available for reaching students before they went off track? Do share with us in the comments below.

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