Blackboard Advances Open Data For Moodle With Caliper Certification

Blackboard obtained certification for its stream data activity standards. Caliper Analytics announced the certification within Blackboard’s BbWorld Conference.

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Caliper Analytics™ is an initiative of IMS Global to increase transparency, accountability and data access to third party solutions. Not only this standard can provide security and privacy control to users, it can also help make the internet better, learning systems included. Administrators tend to handle several platforms for their operations, which can impede a holistic view of their missionary operations.

The Caliper Analytics™ certification focuses on the ability to export readable data, but it offers a lot more to their “certifees”. The standard includes a “Metric Profile”, which “provides a common language for describing student activity”, according to IMS Global. Moodle facilitates import and export of data, but the traducibility across systems has been a matter of debate. Certification programs seem to open a way forward to bridge the chasm.

With the certification for stream data, Moodlerooms will have access to Caliper’s Sensor™ API. The Sensor™ API unifies learning metrics across environments by defining basic learning events. This way metrics for learning provided by Blackboard can be comparable to others. Hopefully this will better inform purchasing decisions of school systems.

Moodlerooms certification of compliance is available in this page.

Find out more about Caliper Analytics and the standard specification here.

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