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BigBlueButton, the most popular open source web conferencing system for online learning, has been updated to a new version 1.0 with improved features.
In a recent announcement on the BigBlueButton project blog, the BBN team announced the release of the new stable version after testing the beta version for more than 6 months.
BigBlueButton 1.0 released with new polling, emoticons and improved video dock @bigbluebuttonThe major changes in the new version of BBN are:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • New Polling,
  • Emoticons,
  • Improved Video Dock

In addition to the above features, this new release saw significant advancements in stability, usability, accessibility, leaning management systems (LMS) integration, and design wins.
BBN uses WebRTC for very high quality audio and this new version detects the loss of Internet connection (which can occur on a wireless network) and automatically attempts to reconnect the client and audio.
For more details about the changes in the new version please check out the official BBN 1.0 release docs here. If you are also an education institution looking to integrate live collaboration in your product then this new release of BBN is the most stable and gives you a solid web conferencing platform.
Are you using BBN in your educational institute? Do let us know in the comments below.

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