How To Give Automatic Marking To Peer Assessment In A Moodle Workshop With Participation Credit Plugin

Participation Credit works alongside the Workshop activity. With this plugin you give symbolic rewards to your students to let them know you are aware of their contributions to grading the work of other students.

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A Moodle Workshop activity is a multi-stage submission assignment. On its initial phase, a students submits their original work. A following phase involves peer assessment. This assessment can ultimately be the final grade, or a teacher can use them as a component of the official mark.

The Participation Credit comes into play in the peer assessment phase. You can choose three possible grading for a student, depending on the assessment performance:

  • Score only when marking all the submissions allocated.
  • Score proportional to the percentage of allocated submissions marked.
  • Score by marking at least one submission.

Download the latest version of Participation Credit from the Moodle Directory here. Extract the compressed file contents into mod/workshop/eval/credit/. Now it is ready for activation. In Moodle, go to Workshop settings and choose “Participation Credit” in evaluation method. Choose the grading and click “re-evaluate grades”. This only works when your Workshop is in peer assessment phase.

There is extensive documentation in Moodle about Workshop. There is a Workshop Quick Starting Guide, and a more pedagogical Workshop Grading Strategies page.

Participation Credit credit goes to David Mudrák, developer for Moodle HQ and known creator of many other plugins.

Latest updates to the August 2016 update ensured compatibility with Moodle 2.7 all the way up to 3.1, including coding standards. Compatibility with GitHub-integrated, continuous testing framework Travis CI is another reality. Support for systems below 2.7 is no longer guaranteed.

Find out more and download Participation Credit from Moodle official now.

Check out the GitHub repo for Participation Credit here, where you can contribute or report bugs.

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