Atypax To Join Roster Of Latin American Moodle Partners

Atypax makes it look easy. A group of young designers and developers joined in Lima to offer a wide array of web solutions: mobile, web and game development, cloud services, intranet, business commerce platforms; Internet of Things. Soon their main offering would become corporate learning platforms, with solutions catering professionals accessing content primarily on touch devices.

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Flashforward to today. Moodle has announced the status of Atypax Technology + Design as a Certified Partner.  The accreditation will ensure their continuous growth as respecter provider of solutions “that are of the highest standard“.

Research and innovation is at the heart of Atypax, who looks to begin operations across borders by 2018. So far they have managed to offer their services to the government and one of Peru’s largest company holdings.

The certification makes Atypax second Moodle Partner in Peru, and first native. It is the ninth servicing South America counting USA’s Moodlerooms. Partners have presence in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina, mirroring regional potential in online markets, learning included, of course. Brazil alone boasts four.

Read the full release here.

Find out more about Atypax in their website (in Spanish).

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