Ask Your Moodle Partner About The Branded Official Moodle Mobile, Out Now

The future of LMS, Moodle and learning is on mobile. Billions of prospective learners are born into a mobile-first world. Connectivity and functionality in mobile is catching up to full-fledged desktop computers. Sensors and touch screens even make the mobile experience preferable with access to other kinds of media.

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Moodle HQ has launched a mobile business model that allows learning organizations to brand the Moodle app. Organizations will contract a Moodle Partner or work with their existing one to extend their LMS into an iOS or Android application. They provide their custom branding assets (logos and icons, color palettes, etc.) which the partners will use to personalize the mobile app layout. They will take care of creating the app and launching it on the app stores.

For a year, the Moodle Partner makes sure updates released by Moodle HQ are incorporated into the custom app. They provide ongoing support. The contract will even include an “Implementation Strategies” and a “Key Factors” workshop to take full advantage of Moodle Mobile.

You get final sign-off on the app to be published. The app branding contract is available for one-time payment of AUD 10,000 (approximately USD 7,540 at the time of writing).

Find out more and reach out Moodle Mobile at, contact your Moodle Partner, or find one here.

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