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Do any of these phrases describe you?

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  1. You’ve wanted to use Moodle for teaching but you’re not sure where to begin
  2. You know about Moodle, but would like advice about the best way to engage learners
  3. You know Moodle’s the next step for your school, but you’re not sure how it works
  4. You’re a Moodlepreneur and want to take your content engagement to the next level
  5. You’re an experienced Moodler but want to know more about the latest 3.0 technology from a teaching perspective

If you fall into any of the categories above (and, yes, I’ve basically described everyone out there) make sure that you are prepared for the next Learn Moodle MOOC, Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction – which is starting this Sunday, January 17th!

Click here to register for the MOOC.

Here is what the four week course will be presenting (from Moodle):

Learn Moodle MOOC January 2016

Did I mention that this MOOC is free? In the past, the Learn Moodle MOOCs have been a wonderful way for beginners to dive into Moodle for the first time and for advanced Moodlers to brush up on the latest technology and techniques.

For those of you on the go, Moodle has even put together a MOOC-specific mobile app that can be used to participate in the MOOC. No more excuses! Get the app here.

Here’s the registration link again.

Will you be attending the Learn Moodle MOOC? Tell us about your expectations in the comments below!

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