Analyze Online Discussions In Your Moodle With Forum Graph Plugin

Forum Graph lets you analyze the interactions between students in your Moodle Forum activity.

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When you run it, a visual report will show you a network of nodes and edges. Nodes are participants, where the size of the point’s diameter is proportional to the level of participation (i.e. number of posts made). Nodes have different colors for teachers and students.

Any edge shows the interaction between any two student\nodes. Thicker edges show more recurrent interaction between the two.

The visual report lets you drag the elements around. Clicking on the items will open reports related to posting and replying activities.

Other features include legends, so you can see the name of the student for a node, or the numbers for comments and interactions. All the information that created the network is available in sortable tables.

Andy Chan is the Moodler responsible for Forum Graph. He is currently a developer at the Centre for Information Technology in Education, University of Hong Kong. Among upcoming features of Forum Graph, Andy is considering downloading the visual report as image or SVG file.

Forum Graph uses D3.js technology. D3 is a framework to visualize the tree-structure data of web pages through HTML and CSS graphic properties. Find out more aboud D3.js here.

The latest update to Forum Graph guarantees compatibility for Moodle 3.1. If you want to add this plugin to a previous Moodle, it is recommended to get the earlier build here.

Find out more about Forum Graph plugin on its official Moodle page.

And check out the GitHub repo here.

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