Amazon, the giant e-commerce retailer is poised up to enter the educational publishing market with the launch of Amazon Inspire – a free platform for sharing learning materials. The platform allows the teachers and others to post and share education resources online without any membership fee or any cost.
Amazon launches free platform for learning materials - Amazon Inspire
The open education resources (OER) platform – Amazon Inspire for teachers allows to source free learning materials for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, starting first as a beta in the U.S. Amazon estimates that teachers spend around 12 hours a week looking for course materials, and so it’s about tapping into that as much as it is reducing the time. 
You can register for the access to the Inspire library through this link. The platform is still in Beta and seeking collaboration from teachers and institutions for making the future of open educational resources.
What are the other great OER platforms which you are using apart from Moodle’s own Let us know in the comments below.
Check out the full news here.

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