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Martin Dougiamas is the founder and creator of Moodle – the LMS platform we, and literally millions and millions of people around the world, love and use everyday. Because of its success, and the way that Moodle has transformed the way learning happens, the Universitat de Vic will be bestowing an honorary doctorate on Martin on March 31st, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

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As a lead up to this even, the university has created the Thanks Martin website. This website offers Moodlers around the world to record or upload a video about how Moodle has affected their life and practice of teaching, learning and more. Check out one of the examples of gratitude here:

If you’d like to add your voice to those already giving Martin thanks all you need to do is click the image below, or use this link:

Thanks, Martin!
Of course, we’d also like to hear what about how Moodle has changed your thinking, profession or life in general. Tell us all about it in the comments below!
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