GOTAFE Senior Educator Christine Nicholas shared an illuminating talk at the recently held MoodleMoot Australia 2016. She has been a Moodler for quite some time with 16 years of experience in the Vocational Education and Training sector.
Templates not only save time, they create consistency. And with the right approach, they can all but guarantee compliance with standards. Undergoing an ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) audit involves preparing and performing self-checks, then facing investigation about effectiveness, suitability and credentials of the management system, the strategy and personnel with little to no notice, for a fee. Let there be no doubt the Australian government takes accreditation of online programs seriously.
To undergo preparation for institutions facing ASQA compliance evaluation, Nicholas is confident that Moodle can be a key to success, for little or no additional investment. She loves the user block tools which gives bulk functionality to edit and messaging. She complements it with progress bar and portfolio page plugins.
The progress bar serves multiple purposes, in Nicholas’s eyes. They encourage better performance from students, and focus from teachers. But she makes sure to get as much as she can from this input by having a team that takes the data to heart, and determines what worked and what did not.
Nicholas’s talk is grounded and encompassing. She manages to convey issues as dissimilar as compliance and usability design, for clear paths to improve Moodle courses looking to obtain some form of external, standardized certification.

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