A Heritage Of Quality Education, Strengthened With Moodle: Moodlerooms In AIS Hong Kong

Imagine: you are in charge of adapting the digital platform of a 30 year old school in Hong Kong. This is an institution whose alumni is routinely accepted at the best universities in the world. Every year many of their students get perfect SAT scores. How would you take the leap while preserving tradition?

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Andrew Chiu, Educational Technology Coordinator at the American International School Hong Kong (AIS), received this very question from Moodlerooms’ E-Learning Magazine.

Despite their recent independence, Hong Kong is culturally a British enclave in China, working on creating an identity of its own. But Chiu has other complexities to deal with: AIS follows the American system, of Elementary, Middle School and High School and students hail from 40 nationalities.

Chiu is heading a reengineering process, expanding staff technological capabilities, as well as campus and infrastructure. But at the core of the change, there is a technological platform that centers on the student and empowers them to “build” knowledge rather than “consuming” it. Sound familiar? Chiu is implementing a customization of Moodlerooms for their K-12 programs.

AIS and Chiu’s views may come as a surprise considering their prestige. But in fact, establishing an open and direct dialogue with technology will allow them to maintain their edge. Instead of promoting strict habits on an individual level, they expect Moodlerooms will allow them to “break down communication barriers” to promote a definition of success that focuses on the group:

“In a culture like ours today, it’s important to be able to talk about our challenges and to be more open to the possibility of learning from others.”

With this ambitious development, Chiu is keen not to “follow the worldwide trends”. He is shaping the future of AIS, and with it, the future of the world through its influential alumni.

To find more about the details, read the full interview here.

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