Every week there are many job entries are posted in the Moodle Jobs database. Within last few days, 8 more hot job entries are posted in the Moodle Jobs database which shows the increased traction and popularity of Moodle all around the world.
8 more Moodle jobs for moving your career @moodlejobsThe job postings are not only from a single country or continent, they are spread all over the world, across different languages. People are searching for experienced Moodle designers, developers for their Moodle projects.
Moodle HQ is also looking for a Marketing and Design Assistant to join the Moodle team and work on creative and innovative global campaigns.

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Recent Job Entries:

Here are the recent job postings on the Moodle Jobs board:
[table id=24 /]
How you make your money with Moodle? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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