5 reasons to join the MUA
It is no secret that we are big supporters of the Moodle Users Association. Our founder, Joe Thibault, is on the inaugural general committee and MoodleNews joined at the silver organization level. In order to be effective, one of the most important attributes this association will need to have is the involvement of its members – tasks with no less a task that suggesting what the future of the Moodle LMS should look like.
Here are five exceedingly good reasons for you to make a move today to become a part of this association as an individual or organization:
5. Don’t just be part of the community, be a part of a movement. Individuals like you and organizations like yours are committing to support Moodle, the largest open source project for education in the world.
4. Individual membership is only $100 AUD (that’s only $71.50 USD) and takes just a minute: https://moodleassociation.org/login/signup.php
3. Not only do you get to vote on projects (see #1) you also get to vote on the leadership of the MUA. The MUA committee works with HQ, helps to organize the business of the MUA, builds membership, and generally makes sure the MUA will be sustained for years to come and makes Moodle better.
2. You can propose a project that could impact the future of Moodle, fix an issue that you’ve been just working around, or solve an issue for a user you know. Joining and then submitting a proposal is the only way that your project will be considered.
1. Even if you don’t have an idea, you get to vote for the best projects! Some of the projects proposed already are below
  • Like button
  • Student authentication (webcam picture capture during quizzes)
  • Improve UX of the assignment grading view
  • Improve the Annotate PDF feature to support more file types
  • Course sequencing
  • Easy Forum
  • Improve Custom Scales
Do you have questions about the MUA? Connect with MUA members and other interested Moodlers in the Association’s forum: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=8247
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