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You will be surprised to know that I got to fit in my schedule an hour-long class given on a school campus somewhere in Great Britain. My presence felt a bit out-of-place, and it did spark some curiosity at first, but my tween classmates quickly became used to it. It gets (eerily) better. While I visited just a couple of days ago, the class took place last March. I swear it felt like I was right there.

It is always interesting to see how classrooms take chances at incorporating technologies for many purposes. In this case, the teacher thought it would be interesting to record one of his sessions in 360° video using a Bublcam. Then he took advantage of the online video hosting service included with the Bublcam which as you can see by this post, can be embedded into other webpages including Moodle classrooms!

These initiatives show us the possibilities of immersive tech in learning. Hopefully will spark new ideas and discussions about implementation. Some moodlepreneurs already have started to figure ways that Moodle can help teachers in adding layers to our perception and knowledge of reality. Be it gamification, context-relevant learning, or (mock) possibilities of VR, we hope the future will surprise us.

For now, check out the experience.

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How would you develop a sustainable 360° video for learning model?

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