30 Questions To Ask When Choosing An eCommerce Platform For Moodle

ecommerce platform moodle checklist

Choosing an eCommerce platform for Moodle is a case of balancing your budget with the features you genuinely need. It’s a good idea to think forward and anticipate problems before they arise, assess what your eCommerce needs will be, and how the system will scale as your business grows.

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The folks over at Course Merchant put together a check list of 30 things to think about when choosing an eCommerce system for your Education and Training business. These include things like:

  1. Is the software licensed (self hosted) or SaaS hosted (cloud)?
  2. Is there a single sign on into Moodle (SSO), or do your users have to log in multiple times?
  3. What level of service and support are promised (and have they been rated by others)?
  4. Can you provide discounts for one person, groups, or for memberships?
  5. How many different payment types can you accept?
  6. … And 25 other important things to consider.

When it comes to choosing a service or software, I’ve yet to find a tool that “absolutely” works every time, but with this checklist, you can certainly make a very considered choice that should serve you well.

Click here to download the full PDF checklist.

NOTE: Course Merchant is an advertiser here at MoodleNews.

Do you have a checklist or system you use to determine what service or product will fit your needs the best? Share it in the comments below!