Internal Blackboard Announcement Teams Moodle Partner With Amazon, IBM Watson

How close are we to AI in our Moodle courses? A recent press release by IBM, following one made by Blackboard hours earlier is a definite, if vague, step forward to bring cutting edge computational advancements into the e-learning field.

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Blackboard will receive support from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM for their cloud operations. The plan goes as follows:

AWS will become the cloud services provider. This places Blackboard along the ranks of Dropbox, Netflix and the CIA who trust Amazon for their critical server operations. Freshen up on the shared history of Amazon and Moodle here.

IBM will operate the infrastructure. Part of the agreement contemplates the development of, “cognitive educational solutions for K-12 and higher education markets”, and Blackboard solutions added in IBM’s education portfolio. While no details are included in the release, IBM Watson is referenced. Cognitive computing, natural language processing, “hyper personalization” were also mentioned phrases. The solutions development pipeline is in early stages.

With this alliance, Moodle partner Blackboard expects to increase reliability on their hosting services and reduce the time it takes to attend issues for their customers. And if they decide to make new developments to their platform, the cloud hosting will make it easier to deploy to their customers, within a 6 month timeframe.

Attend BBWorld 2016 to answer your questions about Blackboard partnerships. Registration begins as $450.

IBM Watson and their education solutions in particular have received a lot of enthusiasm since their launch in 2013. A “storymap” showcases IBM’s vision for a “classroom that learns you” in five years. Since it was 3 ago, we only have 2 more to wait.

How does the future of machine-aided learning looks like in your scenario? Let us know!

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