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We receive our fair share of messages here at from individuals who are completely new to the LMS. It is always exciting to be in touch with someone diving in for the first time to help them see the power, simplicity and flexibility of Moodle.

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It is also interesting to hear their doubts and frustrations first hand – there is no better way to learn what could be improved (or simply explained better).

As you would expect, Moodle has been around for a long time and they have developed some wonderful tools and tutorials to help students and teachers get started. If you’re literally just getting ready to log into a Moodle site for the first time here are two resources you should check out:

First, the User Quick Guide over at This will walk you through a few simple steps to learn how to view and edit your profile, your notifications and messages, your courses and your dashboard.

Then, for a more in-depth look at getting started, watch the Finding Your Way Around Moodle video below:

What are your favorite “How To Learn Moodle” resources? Tell us all in the comments below!
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