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In the age of the online LMS, you can’t get too far in any conversation without addressing the need for security. For protecting data, for confirming identity and, generally, ensuring the safety of learners and teachers.

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While we’ve talked about the possibility of facial recognition before, IMHO, the people over at SMOWL have created a fantastic new option for upping your security game through their cloud based service.

The underlying functionality of the service is simple: as a student works while logged into the LMS (on a quiz, assignment, or whatever), the SMOWL system continuously monitors them via the computer’s webcam and compares their face against the system’s database of stored images.

This may have you thinking, “There is no way we have the resources or bandwidth for this!” However, because SMOWL is built in the cloud, they are actually hosting the technology and the recognition process. All you need to do is connect Moodle via their API. While, obviously, you have to notify students that this technology is in place, there is nothing more they need to do – it operates passively while they are using the LMS.

Check out the SMOWL demonstration video below:

MoodleDemo from smowl on Vimeo.

The service works with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and Sakai and offers an answer to a question that has been nagging the eLearning community forever – How do you know that the student taking the exam, is the one you expect?

Would you welcome the implementation of facial recognition software at your institution? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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