With an LMS, Snow days are forever ruined



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Every year I see an increasing number of articles and information about how the Snow Day that I once knew (where your mom or dad listened to the radio early and verified that yes, you can sleep in AND play all day outside in huge mountains of snow created by the plow) are no longer. The wide adoption of the Learning Management System has seemingly created a new baseline for minimum interaction that can occur every day of the week if necessary.

Moodle and the other leading LMSs can easily provide students who have internet and computers at home with the ability to download daily activities, engage in discussions or even live chats, or if the school has the capability even to attend a live lecture or classroom discussion hosted through a web conferencing tool. While amazing what technology can do, it sounds a lot less fun than sledding all day and drinking hot cocoa (at least maybe for “recess”?).

Here are a few articles that illustrate that things times are changing:

No snow day excuses likely after BT succeeds in online classroom try

Meriden school district turns to technology on snow days

At least it means no makeup days in June… Is your district or school using a digital snow day plan where students are expected to login and continue working from home? I’d be interested to know what planning goes into ensuring that lesson plans can be delivered in part online via Moodle or another LMS. Please share!

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