What’s coming in Moodle 2.9 that you should be aware of?


mdl29There are 300+ tracker items that are part of the upcoming 2.9 release. I’ve looked through them all and pulled some of those that I found to be the most interesting. Based on that this is going to be a great release, but without the major changes that were ushered in with previous releases. A lot of the changes will be more minor (but in aggregate should go far in creating a much more usable Moodle site for you and your users).

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The full list of 2.9 changes and updates is available here: http://goo.gl/ErdFEX

Security and user authenticity

MDL-47803: all users browser sessions available on a single page for viewing

MDL-47800: logs user out at password change

MDL-47829: limit concurrent sessions for users

MDL-47830: limit password rotation/reuse


MDL-10405: ability to delete (not just orphan) topic sections

MDL-46755: allows teachers to set the number of discussions set in a social format course

MDL-47501: show if a grade has been overridden (without having to edit it)

MDL-43387: provides an html editor to editing essays in a lesson

MDL-43996: add image drag and drop capability to the editing window

MDL-48715: add “time spent” as a custom completion rule for Lesson module


MDL-348: printer friendly layout for quiz

MDL-40990: creates the ability to force the order in which questions are asked in a quiz

Do you have a favorite ticket or change that’s making its way into Moodle 2.9? Post it to the comments.