What Learning Analytics Tools Are Available For Moodle?


While learning analytics are certainly in vogue today, they are definitely more than a passing fad. Institutions, and all the more so instructors, are being pressed to show how their learners are succeeding and, perhaps more importantly, when they’re not.

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There is a lot of energy being focused on learning analytics these days (see Blackboard’s recent acquisition of X-Ray analytics and the recent release of Intelliboard 3.0 as examples) and (SPOILER ALERT) almost 2/3 of the 225 current respondents to our Moodle Association Survey have identified this as their top priority issue they expect the Association to grapple with immediately.

Michael de Raadt has started what is looking to be an epic thread at Moodle.org on the types of learning analytics already available in Moodle. He rightly calls out that some features are baked into standard Moodle, and others are plugins developed by third parties. He also, IMHO, rightly sets the stage with a broad definition of what learning analytics are:

Learning Analytics are any piece of information that can help an LMS user improve learning outcomes. Users include students, teachers, administrators and decision-makers.

Michael created a fantastic table outlining all of these currently-available tools in his post. (Note: I’ve pasted a graphic of this below, but you can interact with the list at a Doc created by Micheal here.)

Moodle learning analytics tools

If you are even slightly interested in how learning analytics are evolving in Moodle (and across the eLearning space), you should definitely check out this thread.

How do you monitor and assess student performance in Moodle? Tell us in the comments below!