What is Totara LMS by @HowtoMoodle (tracking competencies and learning plans through the LMS)


totaralmsHowToMoodle has created a short, detailed overview of Totara LMS (a distribution of Moodle with additional features). The video, which runs less than 4 minutes, highlights how Totara is different from the Core Moodle product including features for competency-based tracking of instruction, objectives, learner and coordinator alerts, integration into HR systems, building and sharing reports, and much more.

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For a business it might be a great way to easily create and track the training of team members across the organization.

Check out HowtoMoodle’s Totara page here: http://www.howtomoodle.com/blog/howtomoodle-launches-totara-lms-video/

Or enjoy the video below.

Note: HowtoMoodle and Totara LMS are sponsors of Moodlenews.com.

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